Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Book cover

Raven’s nearly 16, and her happiness has already been destroyed. During the finals of a televised singing competition, her overused vocal cords snapped, and the teen star ended up hospitalized for a vocal hemorrhage. The result was online bullying and threats, leading Raven to attempt suicide. Now she’s been packed off incognito to Camp Rainbow Wings, whose advertising features clowns. It’s a performing arts camp where campers with physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities are integrated with nondisabled campers. Raven’s waiting for her first chance to run away even though she likes thoughtful, persistent cabin counselor Tasha, who uses a wheelchair and struggles with the camp’s infuriatingly poor accessibility. But maybe she’s really staying for senior counselor Grif, who is gorgeous, flirtatious—and horrible. He’s vicious to Raven’s new friend Ash, who’s neurodiverse, possibly autistic. He’s also rude about all the campers. Worst of all, he’s figured out Raven’s true identity, mocking her cruelly. Raven’s coming-of-age arc is predictable: a growing friendship with Ash, an improved relationship with her parents, and more confidence. Additionally, inconsistent plot development, flat characters, and unrealistic prose keep Raven’s adventure from feeling particularly satisfying. Most characters appear to be White.

By cb2gp