Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old bookThanks to Deborah for this Rec League request!

I have a 4-year-old friend who loves to read, and as his pseudo-aunt I like to bring him books. And then I get to read them to him which is the best thing ever. But I’ve run out of books I know he’ll love – the Mog books, Wombat Stew, the Canadian monster books, and the Knight Owl which was a fantastic rec from here (and I’m pretty sure was the reason I was stabbed with a foam sword a number of times at a picnic last weekend and scolded for being a “bad dragon”).

I’m sure the Bitchery knows a lot of cool books for a little kid who loves…well, everything. Any chance of a rec league?

Sarah: Our recent guest post from Clay about body autonomy and consent may offer some ideas.

Ellen M: For picture books I really love Julian Is a Mermaid! ( A | BN | K ) It’s about a small boy who wants to participate in Brooklyn’s mermaid parade. Extremely wholesome and the art is beautiful.

Sneezy: Robert Munsch ( A | BN | K ) is a pretty good bet. It’s been a long time, but I remember them being silly and lovely

Amanda: I have some! Mainly with Monster/Animal themes.

  • Attack of the Underwear Dragon ( A | BN | K ) -Look it’s a dragon who wears underwear!
  • Secret Pizza Party ( A | BN | K ) – Brought to you by the same author as Dragons Love Tacos! Instead of a dragon, there’s a raccoon in a trench coat.
  • The Barnabus Project ( A | BN | K ) – The Fan Brothers have some gorgeous picture books!
  • Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast – Josh Funk is such a creative writer and I love this silly series.
  • Lost in the Library ( A | BN | K ) – Another Josh Funk book about the New York Public Library lions going on an adventure.
  • Llama Destroys the World – A mischievous Llama! This team also has some other wonderful projects.
  • Edison ( A | BN ) – One of the most beautiful picture books I’ve ever seen. Two mice solve an underwater mystery. They have other adventures in the sky, in space, etc.

Also, if you have access to a local indie bookstore, booksellers are a huge resource, especially if the store has a much-loved children’s section. Librarians too!

Sneezy: Catherine bought amazing books for the smol humans in her life, and she talked about these books awhile back:

“Absolutely! I’ll share it on the Slack now – but I was also thinking in the post, because I do love that piece of advertising. The artists have actually done a couple of really smart science-themed picture books, too – Do Not Lick This Book( A | BN | K ) which is about germs, and There’s a Skeleton Inside You, ( A | BN | K ) which is bones and muscles and nerves. Popular with every toddler I’ve read them to… They are great books, too! My niece likes the the bit where you pick up Min the Microbe from the page and put her in your mouth where she meets other microbes, and then in your bellybutton where she still meets more, etc…”

shana:My faves for my niblings: Waa’aka’: The Bird Who Fell in Love with the Sun ( A | BN | K ), Joshua by the Sea by Angela Johnson ( A ), Amara’s Farm by JaNay Brown-Wood ( A | BN | K ), Thread of Love by Kabir Sehgal ( A | BN | K ), Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth by Sanjay Patel, and love is by Diane Adams ( A | BN | K ).

I have also read People Don’t Bite People ( A | BN | K ) approx. 1 million times.

Oh, and Have You Seen my Dinosaur! ( A | BN | K )

Which picture books would you recommend? Tell us below!

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