Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Book cover

In 2022, Bamberger, a senior writer for the Fire Pit Collective, was awarded the Memorial Golf Journalism Award. His latest book, following Men in Green, The Second Life of Tiger Woods, and others, is an ode to the game and the amateurs who play it. “They all know what it’s like to marvel at a white ball in a high sky and get lost,” he writes. “What a gift that is.” Bamberger introduces us to a diverse group of golfers: Pratima Sherpa, who grew up in a maintenance shed on a small golf course in Nepal; Sammy Reeves, from a small town in Georgia, who got to see Ben Hogan and play the legendary Seminole Golf Club; Ryan French, who would go on to write for the Fire Pit Collective; and Californian Sophia Montano, who invited Pratima for a five-week visit to play golf and be filmed by ESPN for a documentary. Pratima’s story is the most affecting. An article about her accomplishments in Golf Digest resulted in her playing on a college team in America and a personal letter from Tiger Woods, whom she would later meet and practice with. Bamberger weaves his way back and forth as he knits together his subjects’ golfing and life stories, showing how each found the game and their accomplishments and adventures. Golf, he writes, “despite its elitist reputation, levels playing fields as few sports do.” He tells some of his history, as well, including his stint caddying on professional tours and his favorite courses, before returning to the other players, families, and friends. Somewhat awkward at first, the narrative eventually takes on a crisp, smooth rhythm, sparkling with details, as Bamberger goes deeper into each person’s life.

By cb2gp