Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Book cover

Fabio addresses readers directly, and though the initial checklist for joining the Frog Club is daunting (“hop twenty times your body length,” “thrive on flies”), Fabio breaks down the 10 rules of being a frog and encourages readers to attempt many , giving them kudos for the skills that humans will have an easier time handling (croaking and wriggling). After a look at Fabio’s early years (the frog life cycle), the narrator asks kids to stick out their tongues. Though the frog is dismayed at just how short their tongues are (“If you were a frog, your tongue could reach your belly button!”), they quickly move on to frogs’ coloring and habitats around the world, along the way introducing several species of frogs and the adaptations that make them unique. Croaking, frog paleontology, keeping cool, and eating habits are also covered along with some random facts that are sure to amaze and astound any audience. Clark matches Fabio’s tongue-in-cheek tone with digitally created cartoon frogs mixed in with more realistic-looking species when they are specifically mentioned in the text. (This book was digitally reviewed.)

By cb2gp