Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Legendary bassist and vocalist Geddy Lee of Rush has announced the title of his long-awaited autobiography, My Effin’ Lifealong with a release date of November 14. Lee shared the news on social media last week along with an image of the hardcover edition of the book. The cover image features a long-haired and fresh-faced Lee, taken likely during his earliest days with the band. The book is published by HarperCollins and a pre-sale is available here.

A brief synopsis on the Harper website states, “Geddy Lee is one of rock and roll’s most respected bassists. For nearly five decades, his playing and work as co-writer, vocalist and keyboardist has been an essential part of the success story of Canadian progressive rock trio Rush. Here for the first time is his account of life inside and outside the band.”

My Effin’ Life is Lee‘s second journey into the literary world. The first, Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass, was published in 2018, also by HarperCollins. The bassmaster supreme first announced his autobiography in a 2021 Instagram post, saying the passing of Rush drummer neil peart prompted him to begin the process of telling his own story.

“My friend and collaborator on the Big Beautiful Book of Bass, Daniel Richlersaw how I was struggling in the aftermath of Neil‘s passing,” Lee posted at the time, noting that “[Richler] tried coaxing me out of my blues with some funny tales from his youth, daring me to share my own in return.

“So I did — reluctantly at first, but then remembering, oh yeah, I like wrestling with words. It’s a less physical version of arguing with musical notes, without a Ricky doubleneck breaking my back!”

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The title My Effin Life is a play on fans’ beloved nickname for the man who will turn 70 years old this July: Geddy “Effin'” Lee.

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