Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old bookTime again for one of the most challenging recommendation features we have: READY, SET, GO!

Here are the rules:

We pick a specific sub-genre, trope, or element of romance, and we have to make ONE recommendation for that type.

And no more than two sentences as to why.


Because, as you know…

Sean Connery in Highlander says There can be only one

And our theme this month?

Friendship in Romance.

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What is your favorite friendship in a romance novel?

Your challenge: Name one book that you recommend that fits this type.

JUST ONE! NOT A LIST. ONE. One recommendation.

Any genre, but just one rec!

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What romance friendship is your absolute most favorite?

Ready, set, GO!

Sara: One of my favorite recent romance reads includes many different forms of friendship: Season of Love, by Helena Greer. There are supportive friendships between older women and between them and a younger character, some of which are also within the community of addiction and recovery support.

My favorite of all of them is the very tight friendship between Miriam and Hannah, who are also cousins, which adds some nuance to the amount of teasing.

Claudia: I’m going to go with the friendships between the characters in Mary Balogh’s Survivors’ Club series. We were talking about it the other day as a good representation of disabilities in historicals and they look out for each other throughout the books.

Sarah: Oh, that’s a really lovely recommendation and series. What one book or friendship in particular?

Claudia: Oh right, we have to choose one!!

I’ll go with Only a Kiss, which features the only woman in the “club.”

Elyse: I have to go with the friendship between Luc and Alex and Mitty from Boyfriend Material because it’s hilarious while also incredibly sweet.

Tara: I really enjoyed the friendship between Zinnia and Charmaine in A Spindle Splintered by Alix E. Harrow.

Laura: I don’t have a rec, but I do have a new item on my to do list: pay more attention to the friendships in the romance novels I read.

Amanda: I think One Last Stop might be my choice.

I remember some great themes of found family and community building, especially for characters who struggle with anxiety and isolation.

Ellen: Oooh, lemme noodle on this.

What about you?

What friendship in romance is the one you love most?

But remember…

Monica from Friends says We only ordered one!  as Chandler looks on


Ready, set, go!

By cb2gp