Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Naomi Yang—of Galaxie 500 and Damon & Naomi—has directed a new documentary called Never Be a Punching Bag for Nobody. The film follows three narratives, all set in East Boston, near the city’s Logan Airport. Yang chronicles her own journey as she learns boxing from Sal Bartolo Jr., her coach and an ex-drill sergeant. Yang also interviews local schoolteacher Mary Ellen Welch, who mobilized a group of neighborhood women in the 1960s to protest the encroachment from Logan airport. Never Be a Punching Bag for Nobody will premiere at the Independent Film Festival Boston later this month. Find a trailer for the film below.

Yang scored Never Be a Punching Bag for Nobody, and the soundtrack serves as her first solo album. It gets released on April 21 via her and Damon Krukowski’s 20-20-20. Yang partially recorded the instrumental score with a Fairlight keyboard, inspired by Japanese ambient composers of the 1980s, like Hiroshi Yoshimura. Below, listen to the film’s title song.

Yang has directed a number of videos in the past, including visuals for Sharon Van Etten, Steve Gunn, Lee Ranaldo, Waxahatchee, Mary Lattimore, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Julia Holter.

Never Be a Punching Bag for Nobody (Original Soundtrack):

01 How I Started Boxing
02 East Boston Is Not an Airport
03 Boxing and the City
04 Wood Island Park & ​​Neptune Road
05 Never Be a Punching Bag for Nobody
06 Maverick Street Mothers
07 The Struggle Continues

By cb2gp