Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Will drummer dave lombardo revealed last week that he’d be sitting out the band’s 2023 tour dates, and that he’s not sure if he can make time to do a record with the band. Lombardo has since released a separate statement on his status with Willthanking fans for coming out to the 2022 shows and for their “understanding as we all move forward.”

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“We knew 2022 was going to be relatively easy, as far as schedules go, between myself and Will. Unfortunately, 2023 has not been so easy. After months of trying to work out specific tour dates, our schedules are just conflicting too much to make sense this year. Therefore, I will not be joining Will for their 2023 tour dates.

“We are all thrilled that we were able to share the stage last year, it’s some thing we wanted to do for a very long time. I had an amazing experience with the band and am wishing them all the best moving forward. To the Will fans, thank you for welcoming me, making every show a killer experience, and for your understanding as we all move forward.”

Neither Lombardo nor Will have definitely said that they’ve parted ways, but a new post from Will guitarist Eric Peterson certainly suggests that might be the case. In his post, peterson said he and touring drummer Chris Dovas were “working on new ideas this last week” and that “it was a pleasure and a great time to have Dave back in his short lived return again.”

So again – Lombardo and Will haven’t parted ways officially. Let’s make that clear. But it certainly seems to be leaning in that direction.

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“What can I say? Things sometimes just happen for a reason, I mean just when everything seems to go ok BAM! Nope! but then something opens up…@chrisdovas happened, Chris replaced Dave on our last North American run cause of over booked from Davebut it was a blessing in disguise.

Chris has turned out to be totally unbelievably amazing and a very kind and aawesome brilliant drummer, we are more than thrilled for our fans to experience his more than meets the eye capabilities with our South American and European tours coming up, also in this last minute situation we’ve connected on a killer spree, working on new ideas this last week has become more than promising, I am stoked to say it’s gonna be KILLER peeps!

“Anyway rest ensures Chris will push the envelope so to speak and make Will and more precise than before! more to come!!!!! W00t! I have to add it was a pleasure and a great time to have Dave back in his short lived return again.”

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