Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

What are you looking forward to this weekend? I’m excited that my college kid is coming home for spring break, and am happily anticipating lots of family dinners and hikes and game nights. I’m also halfway through a book that just got good, so maybe this weekend I can finish it off? I hope so!

I hope you have something to look forward to this weekend, and that this collection of interesting reads and favorite things helps ease you into that weekend frame of mind.

My favorite finds from around the web:

  • Permanent daylight saving time: The clock is ticking in Congress. (washington post gift link) Many of us in the US spring forward this weekend (groan). The Senate voted in favor of permanent Daylight Savings Time last year, but the bill died in the House. This piece gives an update on the current status of the legislation.
  • Building a New Canon of Black Literature. (New York Times gift link) “Operating outside of academia, these groups are making the canon less prescriptive and more descriptive, a dynamic record of what people are actually reading and enjoying now.”
  • We have reports that some readers are getting Amazon coupons for tea My Reading Life book diary ($3.50 off). We make no promises (we wish!), but if you have the coupons on your account—that’s a steal of a deal.
  • Hay-on-Wye: How to spend a weekend in “the Town of Books”. (AppleNews) Browse the bookshops, explore the town, climb the castle’s tower—and more.
  • How do you keep your favorite recipes handy? On comfort food and recipe cards, and their connection to loved ones and legacy. The comments are a treasure trove of good ideas and actionable recommendations.
  • All the differences between the Daisy Jones & the Six book and series. (EW) Will and I just finished episode 3. Are you watching?
  • The 2023 Women’s Prize for Fiction longlist is finally here. (Stylist) I’ve found a lot of good reads from past Women’s Prize longlists.
  • A little pricey but gosh this sweater is cute for spring!
  • A retro hobby for the end times. (Vox) “Canning is always going to be a little bit about self-reliance; it allows people to make food in their own homes that’s usually produced in a factory far away. But there’s also a more communal way to look at it.”
  • This is your semi-regular reminder that cinnamon almond butter is a thing and it’s wonderful. (We just emptied another jar.)
  • The Puzzling Gap Between How Old You Are and How Old You Think You Are. (The Atlantic) What’s your subjective age?
  • The 100 Best Children’s Books of All Time. (Time)
  • 7 Things I Spotted People Wearing in Paris. (Cup of Jo) My favorite: “Not breaking news, but I noticed again how many French women wear their hair windswept and bedhead-y, versus perfectly polished. Some funny evidence? When I stopped brushing my hair halfway through our trip, more shopkeepers spoke to me in French and no less than three older French ladies approached me for directions.”
  • A flood destroyed all of Sarah’s books, but a gift from a librarian changed her life. (NPR) What a wonderful librarian!
  • The 26 Most Beautiful Towns in America. (Conde Nast Traveler)

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  • 15 immersive historical fiction books about overlooked events. You probably didn’t learn about these events in history class!
  • Tried and true beauty and skincare products I never want to be without. I always want to know: which beauty and skincare products do you use every last speck of before reordering immediately?
  • 20 extra-long and totally readable books. In case you’ve been wanting to tackle a looooong book.

Have a great weekend!

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