Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Limp Bizkit played Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt, Germany last night and got a ton of help from fans due to Fred Durst feeling under the weather. Limp Bizkit played the first three songs by themselves before bringing up superfan Tobit of the band Alien Instant Noodle for the majority of the set, alongside a handful of other members in the crowd throughout.

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Other notable guests included BLACKGOLD and Wargasm vocalists, as well as Garo from the YouTube channel BizkitLive (from where all the videos come from) on the the “I’m Broke / Counterfeit / Pollution” medley. Check out pretty much the entire show above and below.

Frankly, this show is a very cool move by Limp Bizkit. Rather than cancel everything because Durst wasn’t feeling well, the band got out there and clearly had some fun with the fans. Plus I’m sure it’s a memory a lot of those fans will never forget, which is awesome.

By cb2gp