Wed. May 31st, 2023

Singer-songwriter and producer Josh Rubin has teamed up with producers Highlnd and nøll to release the first single “Don’t Want To Feethe ‘off of Josh Rubin’s EP’Playing with Fire‘ with NCS that was recently released.

It’s a beautiful single, packed with euphoric melodies vocally and musically. Josh Rubin says “This song is basically me trying to explain to someone why I’ve become so emotionally crippled. I’m very aware of some of the mistakes I often make in a relationship, but sometimes I feel like I’m conditioned to think and act that way based on past heartbreak that it’s almost impossible to break free of it. It sometimes seems easier to just be alone. At some point I became so jaded to the idea of ​​love and romance that I almost felt numb to an extent.”

Speaking to the collaboration, Josh shares “Highlnd and nøll have grown into good friends since we dropped our first record together. Funny how music seems to unite us all. I moved out to LA last summer and they are both here too so it’s great that we can get more in person sessions now. I’m grateful that they helped bring my vision to life with Don’t Want To Feel. They are 2 incredible talents and I know they are destined to do great things. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in NCS, they are at the forefront of dance music from the label side and they couldn’t be more helpful and supportive as I take this next step in my career. I am so grateful to be able to continuously break boundaries with my friend Highlnd and nøll. I’m so excited to share with you the first single Don’t Want To Feel off of my 4 track EP Playing with Fire.”

By cb2gp