Wed. May 31st, 2023

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Jemima Kirke and Ashley Zuckerman join Kyle Meredith to talk about Apple TV+’s City on Fire.

The actors tell us what it was like to portray characters from the early 2000s, an era which launched both actor’s careers. They also chat about how the roles differ from their real personalities, as well as the practices that allow them to ultimately connect with their characters regardless.

Elsewhere, Zuckerman (Succession, Fear Street) discusses why he preers to play unlikeable characters and the key to understanding them, while Kirke (Girls, Sex Education) deconstructs how the pair create their own unwritten backstories.

“You have to write some of [the backstory] in your head,” Kirke explains. “The story just doesn’t have time,” Zuckerman continues.

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By cb2gp