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I’ll Always Be With You by Monica Murphy is now live!

New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy returns to Lancaster Prep with a new enemies to lovers romance

Weston Fontaine is the hottest senior at Lancaster Prep.

And he knows it.

He’s gorgeous. Confidant. Smart.

Too smart.

Everyone loves him. He could have any girl on campus, except for one.


I’m a Lancaster, meaning I’m basically untouchable–or so I thought. It’s my family who owns this God forsaken private school that I don’t want to attend. But according to my parents, I have to endure my senior year at Lancaster Prep before I can return to what I love the most: ballet.

West doesn’t make my time here easy. He’s arrogant. Crude. Insufferable. He torments me in the worst way, to the point that I can’t stand him. Yet he’s the only boy I’ve ever let touch me…

You see, West and I? We share a secret. On a hot summer night in Paris, we hooked up. And I never do that. Ever. I revealed parts of myself to him I’ve never shown anyone else. He’s seen me at my most vulnerable. I told him my secrets. And he told me his. In Paris, he was sexy. Protective. Even dare I say…sweet.

Now he’s the villain in my story, yet I can’t help but chase after that feeling only West can give me. Despite our hatred for each other, we somehow burn brighter when we’re together. So what happens when you helplessly fall for the one person you know is bad for you?

If you’re like me, you go ahead and fall for him anyway.



I know I sound like a broken record, but there is nothing else to say except Monica Murphy has done it again…she blew me away with this newest addition to the Lancaster Prep series!

I have really been looking forward to getting Carolina’s story, and Murphy far surpassed my expectations! I was so intrigued with the little hints that were dropped about her in the previous book, and she is just as complex and complicated as I thought she would be. Under that cool exterior is a person with heart and courage to write her own story. I loved her from the first moment I met her in Paris.

West, I daresay, is a heartbreaker and a charmer. He somehow charms Carolina, who literally hates the touch of others, and she allows him to see parts of herself she has never allowed anyone else to see. The two share an unforgettable night, never expecting to see one another again. When she becomes a student at Lancaster Prep, she upends everything for him, and this is where we see both his vulnerability and insecurity which isn’t a great thing to witness. Like Carolina, he’s a very complex and complicated individual. It took a little longer for me to fall for him, but I eventually fell under his spell too.

I love the way Murphy writes. Her books are just as plot-driven as they are character-driven. It’s amazing how both Carolina and West see each other, but we, the readers, get a really close look into their psyche because of the chapters told in their alternating points of view. Murphy made me feel like their most trusted confidante which really drew me to both of them, even when they frustrated me.

Murphy gave me everything I have come to love in her writing: angst, steam, and especially all the emotions. All of those ingredients are what keep me coming back for more, and I will do the thing I always do after finishing the last page, wait impatiently until she writes her next book!

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Meet Monica

Monica Murphy is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling romance author. Her books have been translated into almost a dozen languages ​​and have sold over two million copies worldwide. Both a traditionally published and independently published author, she writes young adult, new adult and contemporary romance. She’s also known as USA Today bestselling author Karen Erickson.

A native Californian, she lives on fourteen acres in the middle of nowhere with her husband, two kids, one dog, and four cats. When she’s not writing, she’s an assistant coach for her daughter’s high school cheer team, which is a two season sport. Meaning, she’s at practice with a bunch of teenage girls all the time. But she’s at a football game. Or a basketball game. Maybe someday, she’ll even write about this experience.

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