Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Book cover

This bilingual Spanish-English board book delves into the commonalities we share with our co-inhabitants on this great planet. The simple declarative sentence “I am an animal” (“Soy un animal”) is followed by several examples: “when I speak” (“cuando hablo”), “when I sing” (“cuando canto”), “when I laugh” (“cuando río”). A bold, earth-toned illustration of, for instance, a parrot talking, a bullfrog croaking, and a chimp giggling accompanies each whimsical observation. Soderguit pushes the envelope at times to broaden readers’ understanding of whether animals truly experience the same emotions and engage in the same actions we do. “When I forget” (“cuando olvido”) is paired with an image of a fish—can a fish be forgetful? Do mules ignore what they don’t want to do? Do birds dream while soaring over mountain ranges? Do we? The book concludes, “When I feel,” along with an image of a brown-skinned child. Thought the Spanish word for feel is feelthe author instead uses quierowhich means want gold love. This slight lapse aside, readers will enjoy exploring the similarities between themselves and the wildlife within these pages. (This book was digitally reviewed.)

By cb2gp