Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Antique valentine with a big heart with fire coming out of it being panted by two cupids with butterfly wings Romance fans, we made it through another Pink Halloween, aka Valentine’s Day.


Have you gone in search of on-sale discounted candy?

We have. We have a tradition of finding post-Valentine’s-Day treats and making corny Valentine’s for the teenagers, and our usual favorite sale-hunting spot is the local CVS.

I swear, every time I go into that CVS they’ve somehow added another aisle and a bunch of things I never thought I’d see in a CVS – like alcohol mixers? If you’re craving the taste of a bloody Mary but not the vodka (have to go to the county liquor store down the way a bit) CVS can help you out.

No, I didn’t buy bloody Mary mix for the teens. They’d have been mad. That’s a vegetable.

Oh! And before I forget, let me share again my annual hot tip for parents and caregivers of school-aged children who have classroom Valentine’s parties:

The classroom valentine’s kits with candy that doesn’t spoil will absolutely keep until next year, so grab a few on sale on Feb 15 or 16, and leave a note for yourself in February 2024 where you stashed them.

Lollipops? Awesome. I found a whole bunch of Jolly Rancher heart shaped lollipops one year and my kids were BIG MAD that I hid them for a solid year. They’re the most delicious lollipops, we think.

What about you?

So what Valentine’s candy is your fave? (Anything peanut butter for me, thanks!) Did you see any interesting discussions of romance – “interesting” in both the literal and Midwestern senses? Hayadoin?

By cb2gp