Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Help A Bitch Out

This HaBO is from Sam, who is hoping to track down this romance:

I am trying to remember a book that feels like it should be easy, but there are so many books that feature these tropes & archetypes in this setting that I can’t get it.

So…contemporary: cis-het; mostly, if not all, white characters; low-to-medium heat level (I think).

Small-ish town, male main character is a first responder (more likely sheriff/deputy, but maybe EMT/firefighter); female main character either returned after being away or new to town. I am *pretty* certain the book opens with him finding her large-ish dog running loose (possibly having a close call with a vehicle?).

As I recall, she drives a smaller car (with a stick shift?), like a VW Beetle or Mini Cooper, and the town is kinda hilly. The dog is important to the FMC and comes up in the story pretty often, but I don’t think she works with animals. Do not remember what the conflict was that they couldn’t just be together right away.

The book has the feel of a Jill Shalvis or early Kristan Higgins, but I’ve looked over their titles pretty carefully. It’s def not KH, and I don’t think it’s a Jill Shallvis (Head Over Heels seems closest, but isn’t it). It’s not Debbie Burns or Lucy Gilmore; don’t think it’s a Lucy Score.

Not sure whether it’s part of a series, or a stand-alone. I read it between 2013 and 2018, but it might be older. I have interrogated the other romance readers at my library, and none of us can figure out what it is—although they all want to read it now too.

Can we HaBO?

By cb2gp