Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Help A Bitch Out

This HaBO is from Maggie, who wants to track down this erotic historical paranormal romance:

I’m desperately trying to find a book I bought at Barnes & Noble in Southern California between 2010 and 2015.

Things I know:

– The cover had a warning on it about the book being sexy.

– The protagonist was just learning about her paranormal powers, and the love interest was trying to teach her.

– The love interest lived in a communal setting with others of his type of paranormal creature.

– There’s a scene where the man has brought the woman home and removes a rod from a cabinet, then sits down on it.

– There’s a scene where the love interest is showing the protagonist around the house, and they come across a room with two men and a woman having DP sex. The woman says something about how she’s so full, and the man says something about how she isn’t yet and adds a toy. At the end of this scene one of the men says something like “God I can’t hold it” and they all finish together while the male protagonist and female protagonist watch.

Things I think I remember (these may or may not be accurate, but this is the best I can do):

– I don’t think the book was not set in modern times. I do think it was set in the Victorian era.

– I’m pretty sure either the love interest was an incubus OR the protagonist was a succubus OR both.

– I’m fairly certain the cover was red, and the people on it weren’t clearly visible (they were in profile, or it was a close up of somewhere).

It’s not by one of the big names in paranormal romance, like Ilona Andrews or Sherrilyn Kenyon, or if somehow it is it’s not one of their big series. It’s driving me crazy and any help would be appreciated!!

I was definitely doubting the sexiness warning until I finished reading the description.

By cb2gp