Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Help A Bitch Out

This HaBO is from Becky, who wants to find this historical romance:

It’s a Beauty and the Beast/Cinderella regency romance type. (Hopefully I’m not mixing up 2 titles!)

The heroine shows up to the hero’s house pretty much destitute in a snowstorm or rainstorm and he has a pretty nasty attitude. He won’t put her back into the weather, at least but he is every bit a beast. She might have had a carriage or horse accident? Maybe she was being sent to become a poor spinster somewhere?

He was injured or had trauma from something in another country (maybe India) and had some quirks that others found offensive but our heroine wasn’t bothered by too much. He might have been an alcoholic, a soldier with PTSD, or an accident victim? I don’t think he had anyone else at the estate, or maybe just one devoted (but ticked off) valet.

Anyway, she tends to him and his dark side lights as she respectfully is there for him. I think he couldn’t sleep or slept on something “weird” from the other country. She helps him rest and relax his nerves, so his true goodness starts to come out.

By the end, they obviously hook up and there was a lot of tenderness as he healed — and she came into her own personhood. Obviously, they did the whole married thing, which shocked a lot of people, but they both ended up better off together.

HaBO friends, thank you. I’ve found a lot of Beauty and the Beasts, but none that I’ve looked up seems to be quite right.

I know there are a lot that could fit, so let’s get cracking!

By cb2gp