Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Great Corpse – the band consisting of vocalist Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquility, The Halo Effect), guitarists Stefan Lagergren (The Griftedex-Treblinka, Expulsion) and Alex Stjernfeldt (Novarupta, let them hang), drummer Daniel Liljekvist (Disruptedex-Katatonia), and bassist Christian Jansson (Pagandom, Dark Tranquility) – is back to rip you to shreds.

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Great Corpse is now streaming their slow-grinding new single “The Wishful Dead” from a currently-unannounced new record due out later this year via Majestic Mountain Records.

“Here we head into the second single from our upcoming album in the form of ‘The Wishful Dead’,” said the band. “A heavy grinding song about descending the ziggurat in a psychedelic haze to confront the oracle who allow for you to communicate with the deceased. The Necromanteion of Ephyra was in our minds just as evil as those who still claim to be able to speak to the dearly departed. Ignorance and evil hand in hand makes for good necrometal fodder. Enjoy!”

“The Wishful Dead” was recorded by Per Stalberg and Kalle Lilja at Welfare Studios, Gothenburg, mixed by Stalbergand mastered by Johan Reiven of Audiolord Mastering.

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By cb2gp