Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Gimme Radio, the entity behind Gimme Metal, has announced they’re shutting down on April 29. In a statement on Instagram, Gimme Radio wrote “Got some bad news to break…after six amazing years of building vibrant communities of hundreds of thousands of fans and creating high quality exclusive programming & content, we will be shutting down Gimme Radio on April 29th.”

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A much longer post on MediumGimme Radio CEO Tyler Lenane explained what his vision for the company was and how it really did impact the world of metal thorough various mediums. on Gimme’s tragic end, Lenane said “Even though the music fans, artists, and much of the music industry love Gimme, and even though we proved that engaged communities could generate real money at a higher average revenue per user than other music platforms, we unfortunately find ourselves in an economic climate where we have been unable to raise the financing needed to support the streaming services and grow Gimme to reach all music fans across all genres.”

Read the full post here. Shout out to everyone over at Gimme Radio who has done some truly wonderful things in the metal world over the years as well. As a final goodbye, and in the closing sentences of Lenane‘s post, he wrote “Please drop into the chat in Gimme Metal and Gimme Country before April 29th to say goodbye. And please reach out directly if you’d like to learn more about how to build highly engaged communities of the most valuable music fans. I’d love to hear from you.”

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By cb2gp