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Hi there! I’m V.

I’m a 26 year old wife and mother of two with a reading habit!

I figured the best way to get to know me is to answer a few questions about myself! I’ll just dive right into it.

When did you start reading?

I started reading before I could even read. By this, I mean I remember my mom reading to me every night. Reading was an important thing for the two of us to do, and I stuck with it.

Now, as a mom myself, I am trying to offer my kids this same love for reading that I got from my mom! Reading is also one of the few things I do for myself on a consistent basis.

What is the first book you read?

I can’t remember the first book I ever read myself, but the first book I remember being read to me was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. My mom would read me one chapter a night until we finished the book, and it was by far my favorite time of day.

What is your favorite genre?

It’s hard to choose, but if I had to choose one, I would say romance. I love love, so I never get tired of reading love stories. Some might be heartbreaking and make me cry for hours, but it’s worth it!

Who is your favorite author?

Another tough question, but right now I would have to say it is Colleen Hoover. She is the one author that I’ve read just about every book from. All of her stories are so unique and each is relatable in it’s own way!

A close second would have to be Holly Jackson. I read her whole A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder trilogy and I am HOOKED. The rest of her books are now on my TBR.

What is your ALL TIME favorite book?

I had to think a lot about this one, but I would have to say Where the Red Fern Grows. When I say this book tore my heart out, stomped on it, then rubbed some dirt on it, I am not exaggerating.

Never have I read a book that made me feel as many emotions as this one did. I was happy, I was excited, I was absolutely devastated.

The writing in this book was flawless. Wilson Rawls definitely knows the right words to use to punch you in the gut. This is the one book that I always recommend, but everyone always hates me for it.

Do you use an app to track your reading?

I do! I actually use two different apps to track the books I’ve read and want to read.

The first I use is Goodreads, which is probably the most common app to track reading. I like that you can add friends, write reviews, and connect with others who have read the same books as you.

The other app I use is StoryGraph. I can still track the books I’ve read and want to read, but this app gives a little more insight into the books I’ve read.

StoryGraph gives a pie graph view of the mood of books you’ve read, the pace of the books, the number of pages of books, fiction vs. nonfiction, etc.

I continue to use both apps because I like the layout of Goodreads better (I think it’s more user-friendly), but I like the in-depth analysis that StoryGraph provides.

What is your reading goal for 2023?

For 2023, I have a goal of reading 45 books. This is a pretty steep goal for me, since I only read at night when my kids are in bed, but I have no doubt I’ll be able to meet this goal.

Ebooks or Physical Books?

I used to be a die-hard physical book person. While I still love physical books, I’ve grown to love my Kindle more. The ability to have all my books in one place that I can read any time I want is the best thing ever.

It’s also a plus that you can read on a Kindle without having to have a book light that’s brighter than the sun and keeps everyone in a 5 mile radius awake at night.

Now for Some Fun Would You Rather Questions!

…read one book a year and remember everything or 100 books and remember nothing?

This is a tough one, but I think I’d rather read 100 books and remember nothing. The books still get to be experienced during the reading of them, which will be worth it!

…read only the first page of a book or only the last page?

Probably the last page. It at least gives you a sense of whether the book had a happy ending or not. The first page doesn’t really give anything away.

…love a book everyone hates or hate a book everyone loves?

Hate a book everyone loves. This way, I still get to see good things about the book whether I believe them or not. If I loved a book everyone hated, it’d be hard to see negative things about it all the time.

…read a book with a great story that’s terribly written, or a terrible story that’s incredibly written?

Read a book with a great story that’s terribly written. No matter how bad the writing is, the story is still fantastic, however, incredible writing can’t really make a terrible story better.

…hear spoilers or never hear the ending?

Spoilers, definitely. I couldn’t spend time reading a book then just not find out how it ends.

…read the same genre forever or only read one book from every genre?

The same genre forever – romance.

Well, I feel like that’s enough about me for now! Thank you so much for stopping by Read with V and getting to know me a little more.

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