Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Origins is a recurring series that gives artists a space to break down everything that went into their latest release. Today, shoegaze up-and-comers Draag run through their latest single “Good Era Doom.”

Los Angeles-based indie rockers Draag have released their latest single, “Good Era Doom.” The final preview from their upcoming debut album, Dark Fire Heresythe dreamy tune comes complete with a music video directed by Kenny Becker of the band Goon.

“This song itself had been in my head for years. I just couldn’t get myself to bring it to life because I never felt ready to confront that part of my past,” band member Adrian Acosta tells Result. “The melody and lyrics were always floating above me like a dark cloud.”

With crackling synth leads, ethereal vocal harmonies, and earworm melodies, “Good Era Doom” embodies its oxymoronic name. The sonic palette is at once comforting and alien, walking the line between the relative warmth of the human touches and the coldness of the synthetic elements in a similar way to electronic legends Boards of Canada, which the band cites as an influence.

“The synths in ‘Good Era Doom’ are inspired by Boards of Canada’s song ‘Satellite Anthem Icarus,’” Acosta explains. “I always wanted to write a song that made me feel the way that one does, so the synth influence subconsciously sought into the song.”

Dark Fire Heresy arrives Friday, April 28th, and serves as the culmination of everything Draag has accomplished so far. Initially the solo project of Acosta, the band has since expanded to several members — Jessica Huang, Ray Montes, Nick Kelley, and Eric Fabbro — each with different musical backgrounds and stylistic interests. Now, with two celebrated EPs under their belt, they are poised to make a significant statement with their debut full-length.

Listen to Draag’s “Good Era Doom” below, followed by Acosta’s breakdown of the track’s Origins.

By cb2gp