Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Crypta‘s RV was destroyed in the Illinois storm left one dead during a venue collapse at a Morbid Angel show. Sadly being from Brazil, Crypta‘s insurance for their RV gets a little complicated and might result in a bill around $60,000. Crypta has launched a GoFundMe to held raise the necessary funds to cover the bill, which includes paying back the RV company and legal fees. You can donate to the GoFundMe here.

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“URGENT: We need $60K in 15 days,” the band wrote on social media. “As most of you know, a tornado hit the show house where we played on March 31st in Belvidere Illinois and we lost the RV we rented to travel and sleep during our first US tour – it was completely destroyed, we had to rent a new one to keeping on with the shows

“As we already imagined, with dealing insurance and severance has many pitfalls, and there’s a very high chance of things getting complicated for us. It won’t be as easy as we thought it would be, we will even have to bring in lawyers to try to solve our situation. We are being guided in the best way possible, but because we are not American citizens, apparently we are not entitled to some state indemnity, which complicates our problem even more.

“In short, if everything goes wrong (and there’s a huge chance it will), in 15 days we’ll have to pay for a new RV to the company where we rented it, which will be around 60K dollars, not to mention the lawyer fees we’ll need to cost during the process. We know it’s a high value that we probably won’t reach, but at this point, any help and any amount will help a lot to lessen the financial damage that we will have.

“We avoid having to ask for help from you, but at the moment, it is impossible to bear these costs with the band’s cashier alone. Thanks in advance for the support!”

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