Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Let’s look at some pretty covers!

Quarantine Kitchen by J. Caldwell.  An illustrated cover of a man and woman in the kitchen.  The man has brown skin and is wearing a plaid apron.  He's in the foreground, shopping veggies with a smile on his face.  An array of colorful vegetables and herbs is laid out on the counter.  In the background, a woman with light skin and a short bob hair cut is tossing up vegetables in a wok.

Cover art by Leni Kauffman

Sneezy: Omg goo goo gaa gaa I want to be in that kitchen

Or maybe just the dining room, admire the sexual tension and chemistry from a safe distance

Amanda: I’m loving all the detailed food and ingredients!

Sarah: This is absolutely adorable.

Elyse: Now I’m so hungry.

A Highlander for Hannah by Mary Warren.  An illustrated cover with lush green fields and trees in the background.  A man and woman are leaning against a pale fence.  The man has long ginger hair and is wearing a green tartan kilt.  The woman is curvy with wavy blonde hair.  She's wearing jeans and a button down blue plaid shirt.  There's a white house with a navy roof in the background and the field is dotted with purple flowers.

Cover art by Leni Kauffman

Amanda: I secretly hope the highlander one is a butch lady! But I’m loving all the greens and blues.

Sarah: I see what the illustrator did there with hinting at a particular actor on the left there – but wow that’s beautiful and lush.

Sneezy: I’m hoping for the same thing, Amanda!

Marvelous by Molly Greeley.  A black cover with the borders decorated in gold filigree.  Some of the edges bloom into Tudor roses while stone griffons look on from the corners.  The title font is centered and looks sharp, the all caps ending in pointed edges.  The author name is in the same reddish pink as the flowers.

Designed by Bonni Leon-Berman

Carrie: Ooooooooooo

She wrote The Heiress which was so, so good.

Amanda: The faces on those lions are killing me.

Sarah: Amanda, we predicted this in the 2023 publishing predictions podcast bonus episode – filigree with illustrations in the border on covers! Tudor roses, griffins, I dig it.

Sneezy: What??? I’ll have to go back to that episode. How did the two of you know? I love these kinds of patterns. Any art historians that have researched medieval illuminations here? I’ve been wondering if these patterns has heavy influences from Persian art, but I haven’t had time to read up on it.

Ana Maria and the Fox by Liana De Le Rosa.  An illustrated cover of a man slightly dipping a woman.  They have brown skin and she is wearing a fuchsia dress.  It has an off the shoulder ruffle.  He is in a dark suit.  The walls are a peach and they stand in front of a shiny, ornate window decorated by flowers of pink, blue, red, white, and orange.  Those same flowers are in her hair.  The hem of the dress blends into a skyscape of Big Ben and other buildings.

Cover art by Camilla Gray

From Kilian: I love this cover of Ana Maria and the Fox. I immediately thought of Cover Awe when I saw it.

Sarah: Yup. I like it, too.

Laura: Love the lighting on their faces!

Amanda: The light to dark progression of colors works so well!

Sneezy: I’m usually neutral about dress-morphing-into-backdrop, but this one REALLY works for me. It just feels romantic and lush and makes me smile.

Elyse: I love the gold and purple!

By cb2gp