Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Chrome Waves will release their new record Earth Will Shed Its Skin on April 28, and is now streaming the slow-burning new track “Broken”. Because apparently it’s not gloomy enough outside, and that bleakness needs to invade your headphones as well.

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“Broken is a song that’s been in our demo folder for a couple years now,” said the band. “For some reason it just never fit into the tracklist on a proper album until now. It’s definitely got the vibe of our earlier material, which was something we were aiming for this time; it’s also the perfect closer for this record.”

Chrome Waves includes guitarist Jeff Wilson (Abigail Williams, wolvhammer, Nachtmystium), guitarist and vocalist James Benson (Amiensus), and drummer Garry Napoli (Novembers Doom, wolvhammer, Hatemonger) on this release.

Pre-orders for Earth Will Shed Its Skin are available here.

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By cb2gp