Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

BTS’ Suga has released D Day, which is billed as his first official solo album under his Agust D moniker. The new album includes a collaboration with the late Ryuichi Sakamoto and Woosung (of the South Korean rock band the Rose). Listen to the new song, called “Snooze” and produced by El Capitxn, along with the rest of D Day below.

According to a press release, D Day is the third part of the Agust D trilogy, following a 2016 self-titled mixtape and 2020’s D-2. The new album also features Suga’s BTS bandmate J-Hope on a track titled “Huh?!”

Ryuichi Sakamoto died in March after living with cancer. The legendary Japanese musician’s final album of his lifetime, 12, got released in January. Read the Afterword “Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Borderless Brilliance.”

By cb2gp