Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Every year I ponder the April Fool’s Day post, and try to come up with ideas. This year, Amanda nailed it.

This year: Our blind (book) dating reality show has been optioned!

Introduction The Bookshelf.

The Bookshelf -a knockoff of the Bachelor logo with the OO in book formed by a pair of gold hearts

Contestants – Readers, of course – search for their OTPR™ , their One True Perfect Read.

Pudding illustrated as a siamese posing on a rose with one paw hooked around the A In I AM the FINAL ROSE Combining the WTFery of The Bachelor/Ette franchise with the individual pods of love is blindcontestants on The Bookshelf begin in private libraries, listening to audiobooks and sampling many different books and genres. Then Readers work together to help each other find their OTPR. Everyone wins!

Of course, Pudding and Elyse are involved. Elyse is in charge of making sure someone, somewhere, has an inexplicable bathtub on a hillside for reading, and they will both be recapping the show – when Pudding isn’t judging everyone and everything.

(Psst – you can buy the “I am the Final Rose” sticker above, and other SBTB stickers. A portion of the proceeds from Pudding’s sticker will be donated to The Pawffee Shop in Wisconsin.)

Amanda and I are very excited to be executive producing this show, and cannot wait for it to air.

It’s a journey, y’all. AT journey.

Red Rose in Between Book Pages isolated white background

Happy April 1st, everyone. I hope this brought a smile to your face!

Want to look back at some of our past April Fool’s editions? Here are a few of my favorites:

In 2022: we had some turgid hotwallets with our own cryptocurrency, BitchCoin!

In 2021, we created the Smart Bitches Smart Device! It’ll track your reading and embed your wifi while picking fights with other appliances that aren’t getting the job done.

In 2020, we worked with all our pets to remove the weight of the world from your shoulders with Smart Bitches Weightless Blankets.

We’ve fallen in love with rabbits, and made our own social media network in 2014 complete with hoax-detection technology (wow, wish that had been real). Especially now!

Smart Bitches wearable - a black wide bracelet with a screen on the face that tracks pages read, podcast time left, and money saved on deals.  At the bottom is a STOP TIME button
Ah, the Smart Bitches Smart Watch!

And still, one of my all-time most-favorite April Fool’s Day inventions?

Our 2015 Time-stopping wearable device that doubles as a reader, pedometer, page counter, audio device, sale alarm, and timekeeper.

One of my favorite games is ‘Where is my venture capitalist’ because I am really good at developing completely necessary yet fundamentally difficult technology for readers. (OK, mostly for myself, but still, I will share!)

We’ll be back next year with more silliness, but until then, Happy April, folks.

See you next year!

By cb2gp