Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Ginger, our book club community manager, LOVES this book, citing it as an all-time favorite. Published twenty years ago, Niffeneger’s debut novel has seen multiple cinematic adaptations and remains both beloved and divisive, making for excellent book club conversation. A love story for book lovers, this heart-wrenching novel revolves around Henry, a librarian who frequently travels through time with no control over where or when he disappears—and Claire, an art student who met Henry when she was just six years old. Over the course of their lives, Henry leaves (unwillingly), reappears (unpredictably), and they attempt to work around these unusual circumstances, making excuses to friends, missing each other while apart, and meeting again at different ages. Niffenegger explores what this jarring disruption does to a man, to a marriage, to a family. More info →

By cb2gp