Jim and Julio keep silent to their credit broker that they still have a credit card. It is even so bad that the couple with that credit card are on the “black list”. This leads to the refusal of their request for a new mortgage. What can you learn from their situation?


Withholding credit card is falling through the basket

credit card

Jim and Julio are looking for a refinancing of their existing mortgage loan. They make an appointment with a credit broker.

During the credit interview, Jim and Julio conceal that they still have a credit card. Unsuspectingly, the credit broker submits the credit application via CreamNet.

Our credit analysts immediately start the analysis procedure and consult the Central Individual Credit Register (= CKP). There they discover the credit card and they also notice that there is a negative report for this credit card. In other words, Jim and Julio are on the “black list” of the National Bank of Belgium.


Credit card is important for mortgage analysis

Many people are not aware of it, but a credit card is also a real credit. Like any other credit, our credit analysts will take this into account.

If the credit card continues to run, they will take into account a theoretical amount of 5% per month. This will then be included for the calculation of your repayment capacity.

If the credit card has to be refinanced, the balance will be included in the new mortgage. The amount of credit and therefore also the quota increases.


Negative notification on the CKP for credit card

Credit card is important for mortgage analysis

If there had been no negative report on the CKP, the mortgage request from Jim and Julio might still have been realizable.

Unfortunately they have ended up on the “black list”. As a result, their mortgage is no longer possible due to the quota. It is too high.

In the event of a negative report on the CKP, Creafin does not automatically reject your file. We will, however, determine the quota on the forced sale value instead of the free sale value.


How do you know if you have a credit card?

Many people do not know that they have a credit card. How do you know if you have a credit card?

See which credit cards are in your wallet?

This sounds ridiculous, but it happens. You change bank and forget to take out the previous credit card. In other words, it continues to run. Even if you no longer use it.

What do you receive monthly from billing statements?

If you use a credit card, you will also receive cost statements. Via regular mail, or via email. Keep a close eye on these statements, because they contain the references of your credit card and contract.

Have you ever bought a television, computer, … in the store?

In some electronic stores you can pay for household appliances on an “installment” basis. This is often done via a credit card. The danger is that you think that you do not have to pay anything, but that you still have a current credit card.

Want to know for sure via CKP certificate?

If you want absolute certainty, you as a consumer can always request a certificate from the National Bank of Belgium at the Central Individual Credit Register. You can do this via the internet or at the counters of the National Bank.

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