Debt rescheduling in difficult cases does not have to be placed in the hands of fee-paying restructuring companies. The article provides the information on which loans you can use to carry out debt restructuring yourself despite poor creditworthiness.

Debt restructuring in difficult cases – improve credit bureau

Debt restructuring in difficult cases - improve credit bureau

Debt restructuring is not a panacea if the economic situation is too desolate. If the debt grows over your head, it is well advised to turn to a non-profit debt counseling service. After reviewing all documents, the free consultant can provide valuable information. The debt advisor will determine whether rescheduling is still sensible in difficult cases. Otherwise, he will advise private bankruptcy.

If he advises rescheduling, then initiative and perseverance are required. Debt restructuring always aims to keep finances in order. Relieving the financial pressure for only a short time leads to a long-term debt trap. Anyone who has an active credit bureau entry must first satisfy this creditor before real restructuring is possible. Debt rescheduling loans on a large scale are only realistically possible if all negative credit bureau entries have a settlement note.

A loan without credit bureau can be helpful for this first step on the way to reorganizing your finances. Big leaps cannot be made with the credit bureau-free loan from a foreign bank. The possible loan amounts are USD 3,500 and USD 5,000. While the help of a credit broker can later make sense, it can be safely dispensed with for loans without credit bureau. As far as is known, only one foreign credit bank is allowed to offer credit bureau-free loans for Germans. A legal loan without credit bureau comes from Good credit company from Liechtenstein. The credit offers of all reputable credit intermediaries relate to this credit offer, as far as is understandable.

Loan without credit bureau for debt restructuring

Loan without credit bureau for debt restructuring

The loan application can be viewed on the credit bank’s website and is available for download. Only those who are interested in a job are eligible for a loan without credit bureau. The employment contract must be terminated and unlimited. It is also assumed that the employment relationship has existed for at least 12 months. In addition to checking the employment contract and the income check, the public debt register is also viewed.

Debt rescheduling in difficult cases is only possible if there is no entry in the public debtor register. The advertisements for a serious loan without credit bureau despite EV or with arrest warrant thus reveal themselves as advertising duck.

All of the following credit terms apply to direct applications without intermediaries. A loan without credit bureau in the amount of 3,500 USD costs 11.62 percent effective annual interest. To successfully apply for a loan, a single person without any maintenance obligations must prove a net working income of 1,130 USD. The loan is repaid in 40 equal monthly installments of $ 105.95. For a 5,000 USD loan, 11.61 percent effective annual interest must be paid. The net income required for lending for a single person is 1,600 USD. Again, the loan can only be paid in 40 constant monthly installments. In this case, the monthly installment amount is 151.35 USD.

After the credit bureau entries were “defused” via a loan without credit bureau, a comprehensive debt restructuring can now be started.

Final financial reorganization through credit summary

Final financial reorganization through credit summary

The aggregation of all liabilities is the real goal of debt restructuring in difficult cases. It is now important to record the current transfer fees for the existing obligations. If all outstanding amounts are recorded and added up, the total sum of the debt rescheduling loan is obtained. When looking for a loan despite credit bureau, from a German bank, the help of a credit intermediary can hardly be avoided.

There are special banks that enable such a debt rescheduling loan, but they do not advertise their special loan. They leave the advertising for this to credit intermediaries. One example of this is the extra loan from Best Bank. It can also be approved if the creditworthiness is difficult. This option is advertised only subliminally. The high flexibility speaks for the loan offer. Debt rescheduling in difficult cases can reduce the rate burden by up to 120 months. The bank’s high interest claims are disadvantageous. An effective annual interest rate of 11.95 percent makes debt restructuring very expensive.

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